History records that after his death in 1943, much of Nikola Tesla's mysterious, enigmatic research was confiscated by the U.S. government and labeled TOP SECRET by J. Edgar Hoover. For seventy years, these classified documents have collected dust in an FBI vault, but in 2013 the Tesla Archive will be opened and the secrets held within will change the world forever.

Created by
Kevin Christensen
& Joshua Sikora

Executive Producers
Joshua Sikora
Chris Hartwell
Kevin Christensen
Jack Hafer

Produced by
Karyn Musch

Supervising Producers
Jesse GrothOlson
William Hellmuth
Andrew Simpson
as Marcus Crowe

Marisa Schley
as Alex Mendez
Nicola Lambo
as Sarah Wakefield

James E. Hurd, Jr.
as James Reynolds

Kristen Terry
as Vesna Petrovic

Leonard Kelly-Young
as Dr. Andrew Taylor

Kelly Franett
as Nicholas Gallagher

Catherine Siggins
as Helena Novakov

Brett Mack
as Logan

Hannah Levien
as Charlotte Gallagher
Episode 1 Directed by
Chris Hartwell

Episode 1 Written by
Joshua Sikora &
Chris Hartwell

Cinematography by
Peter Borrud

Rick Lopez, Jr.
Jesse Chapman
Greg Henn
Episode 2 Directed by
Kevin Christensen

Episode 2 Written by
Kevin Christensen &
Alexa Diaz Hann

Casting by
Karyn Musch
Rachel Robinson

Edited by
Anthony Parisi
Episode 3 Directed by
William Hellmuth

Episode 3 Written by
Brian Walton &
David Halberstadt

Production Design
Rachel Beck
Jesse GrothOlson
Kristin Weaver

Music by
Ian Perry &
Curtis Schweitzer
Episode 4 Directed by
Joshua Sikora

Episode 4 Written by
David Halberstadt &
Joshua Sikora

Costumes by
Allison Oh

Nathan Jeffers

Zak Ettlinger
Drew Pick
Paolo Arriola

Assistant Directors /
Production Managers
Karyn Musch
Rebekah Bell
Alicia Gaynor
Hannah Brown

On-Set Sound
Rick Lopez, Jr.

Luke Barnett
as John

Oto Brezina
as Nikola Tesla

Jim Vash
as the Doctor

Camera Team
Daniel Dykstra
Alexa Hann
Jadon Gauthier
Jimmy Allen
Brandon Hahn
Trevor Smith

Makeup & Hair
Min Jung Lee

Script Supervisor /
Writers Assistant
Greg Henn

Government Agents
Joel Jeffers
Frederick Duquette
William Hellmuth
Chuck Cobb
Brandon Tewalt
Ricky Underhill

Key Grips
Michael Butterfield
Zachary Perez

Caleb Bonanno
Alex Lewis
Jesse Chapman
Greg Henn

Craft Services
Alisa Sikora

Production Assistants
Victoria Graham
Doug Edwards

Digitial Ingest Technician
Bryant Stone

Script Supervisor
Matthew Edwards
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